Tuesday, 19 May 2009

post 5


The American Sandwich game..
(see the side bar for instructions.)

Here's Mine:

"I know you can hear me, but I want you to listen to what I say!"
The Captain spoke to the crew for the third and final time, "It's your choice!"
Clinging on to a piece of driftwood, he realised it might be too late.

Thanks for playing along.
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  1. i wrote it today morning itself (its 8pm in my country now) was waiting eagerly fr the linky to appear for new post !! missed writing when i ws gone home !

  2. lovely sandwich here .. sorry i noticedlate :( !!

  3. This reads like a continuation of last week's sandwich theme. Both plot and character study in 3 neat lines. Cool.

  4. Hi Pretty You!! Sorry we were a bit late posting this morning - it's been one of those hectic weeks, and it's getting busier, as we're off to London for the (uk) bank holiday weekend, so madly trying to cram lots in!!!

    Thanks for the cool post - dancing naked!!! phew!

  5. Hi Amy, thanks for that, yeah there does seem to be a bit of theme emerging!

  6. Phew, looks like we've lost the Mister Linky Thingy again. Not to worry, here's one from Watermaid: Lost for words


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