Tuesday, 28 April 2009

post 2


The American Sandwich game..
(see the side bar for instructions.)

Here's Mine:

She smokes Camel cigarettes, but calls herself a Vegetarian.
She orders from the Vegable menu, at the local Ooh Flung Doo!
Spinach and potato curry, (and she calls Guacamole, Squashed Frog).

Thanks for playing along, there'll be a new post next Tuesday!!
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  1. just a suggestion ... can we please have this prompt every thursday or saturday ??

  2. I am still not sure if what i wrote is actually correct form... please advise accordingly :)

  3. She smokes Camel cigarettes, but calls herself a Vegetarian.

    this was awesome !! liked it :)

  4. Thanks, Pretty You!! I've used this line a few times before, and I'm never sure what people think, thanks for commenting.

  5. You have to look hard to find flash fiction in mine. Sorry!

  6. Hmm! She is complete opposite to me!


  7. what playful use of words....squashed frog-I once frightened my kids by calling guacamole smashed kermit. I'm having great fun with the American Sandwich and have introduced it to several fellow writers.

  8. oops...squashed frog is cute. And I double-linked. drop the Larry; it doubles Life without Clots.

  9. Hi Amy, many thanks for participating, and I'm glad you're having fun with this.

  10. As the Mister Linky Thingy has been playing up a bit lately, I'm posting a participants list on this post.

    post 2 participants:

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    2. Edward S Gault
    3. Pretty Prats
    4. carole (watermaid)
    5. gautami tripathy
    6. Elephant Small
    7. Sweet Talking Guy..
    8. Amy
    9. Edward S. Gault
    10. Andy Sewina .. CXXXV
    11. Winnie - one more
    12. Life without Clots
    13. Balls day 30
    14. Stan Ski
    15. Proper Joe' s


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